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Bridal Boss Shoot

Vivid & Vogue Weddings and Events


A leather invitation suite with bold flowers in shades of brown, pink, burgundy, and purple. Part of a Bridal Boss editorial shoot that was featured in Wedding Chicks, planned by Vivid & Vogue.

Photo Courtesy of Moon Studios

The initial concept for this shoot was born when Moon Studios approached me about a collaboration after our first shoots together. They wanted to do something with a bride in a suit or tuxedo; other than that, they left the vision and details to my wild imagination. From there I began to envision the bridal-boss concept - inspired by the femme fatales of Film Noir, tough yet vulnerable, drinking their whisky neat while surrounded by flowers and lush fabrics, and basically being and doing whatever they wanted. I knew just the place to suit such a concept and client, and got right to work on the mood board.

For this project, I really wanted to blur the lines between vintage and modern, traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" concepts, and make something that would inspire and appeal to modern couples who aren't as attached to wedding traditions. I also wanted something down-to-earth and achievable for either a micro wedding or a larger celebration - full of rich splurge-worthy textures but attainable for a range of budgets, because the bridal boss is not one to compromise on what she wants!

I started with the venue - the very cool, chic, French-meets-NYC Maison Selby, and the spectacular Rose Room which already had the perfect colours and textures and that we could enhance with the right personal touches, like cut crystal elements, flowers, stationary, and some colourful candles.

The palette was a mix of deep cherry, berry, and terracotta with a hint of dusty rose and lots of wood, whisky, and leather tones to add that mysterious quality and to bring some richness to an otherwise very floral space. I started to source vendors who would be able to provide lots of texture and visual interest as I started to put the next steps of the vision together.

See the full inspiration on our Pinterest page!

The textures I knew I wanted to work with were leather, pottery clay, velvet, and cut crystal. We were able to source elements of all of these through the table top rentals, as well as through the crystal style decanters that I thrifted and provided to the florist to use as vases for the table's centrepieces. Since I wanted this to inspire what couples who may choose this venue could do with the space, I wanted a centrepiece style that would actually work with the restaurant's tables and not take over the needed real estate for table settings - a critical consideration when working with decor for smaller tables!

When it came to stationary that balanced the mix of tough and tender, Paper and Poste came through so perfectly with a combination of leather stationary envelopes and gorgeous invitations and menus that matched the palette perfectly. I also sourced some other cool leather elements in the form of these slipper flats and the incredible wood and leather jewelry from a Montreal designer.

Rounding things out with an extra special edge were the geometric shapes found in the ring set and chocolate caramel favours, also both provided by local artists. I loved how these shapes brought something extra modern and a little trendy to provide the perfect finishing touch.

Photos Courtesy of Moon Studios

The shoot day was a testament to the tenacity, resilience, and get-it-done attitude of both the team and the energy we'd pictured this imaginary client bringing to the table, as it was scheduled to take place on what turned out to be the day the first lockdown would hit the city. Against the odds, we rallied together to deliver a shorter, simpler version of the original plan to ensure that the vendors who had already invested their time and resources would be able to safely participate, with increased precautions in place. 

The amount of local and semi-local vendors we were able to bring in was astounding, especially under these circumstances, and that really brought the personal touches to the shoot that I try to bring to every project and client experience. The simple elegance of the space was the perfect backdrop to these touches and perfectly suited the vibe for an intimate wedding - a trend we're likely to see continue into the future!

If you want to say tradition be damned and go your own way for your wedding day - whether through your attire, your design, or all of it, I am here for it! Tell me about your unconventional plans and I'll help you think of all the ultra cool ways we can give you a unique and incredible wedding celebration that feels unapologetically you.

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