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Dina & Christopher

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A gold tray with wedding items on it - a table number, place cards, jewelery, as well as a statue of a partidge and pears. Elegant Christmas themed wedding in black, white, and gold in Toronto planned by Vivid & Vogue.

Photo Courtesy of Mango Studios

Dina and Christopher were referred to me by another incredible couple I'd worked with in 2018. With about 8 months to go and only a venue and photographer secured so far, they signed on for full planning service and we jumped right in! 

They had deliberately chosen the winter solstice for their date because they wanted a romantic winter's evening celebration filled with lots of candlelight and a classic yet modern palette - with a little nod to the festive season without it being a Christmas themed wedding. Together we created this gorgeous and luxurious celebration that was truly magical and filled with new and old traditions.

The couple already knew they wanted to use black, white, and greenery in their colour palette, and loved a vintage feel. I suggested bringing in shades of champagne, warm gold, and mercury glass to add some texture and dimension and take the palette to the next level! I love using a spectrum of shades and tones within the same colour family to make everything look more organic and add interest and variety.

We did want to include some festive touches, as the couple wanted the evening to feel like an ultra-elegant yet approachable family holiday dinner filled with joy and love. To keep this subtle but still on brand we considered every element from decor to menu - including hot toddies as one signature drink (a winter warm up and well enjoyed in England, where the bride spent much of her childhood) and an "Italian 75" for the other with prosecco instead of champagne as a nod to the groom's Italian background. 

Small touches of garlands and pine greenery were also strategically considered to embrace the holiday feeling and to use seasonally available items as much as we could.

See the full mood board and more inspiration on our Pinterest page

From there we hit the ground running and started to consider all of the big and little touches to make the wedding truly show-stopping. It was easy to lean into the stunning architecture of the Windsor Arms and bring the burnished gold from the space into other elements of the decor - I always work with the venue, both aesthetically and by running the decor plan by them before approaching the couple with it to ensure that what we're considering will work for everyone!

Some of the best parts of my job also include that I can source little treasures for my clients. At an annual antique yard sale I attend I was able to snap up this incredible large and ornate frame for their seating chart for just $5, and with a little paint and patience it was looking incredible.

Meeting with and selecting the right vendors kept shaping the vision, and being by my couple's side for cake tasting (and size comparison) and floral mockups meant they had my trusted eye on the big picture every step of the way.

Things always start to feel real when the day-of stationary arrives - part of my gig is organizing everything in advance to ensure easy set up on the wedding day and it makes all the difference!

Photos courtesy of Mango Studios

The day was relaxed and filled with joy and warmth from start to finish, despite the chilly weather outside. The couple and their friends and family enjoyed a relaxing morning of getting ready, first look, and wedding party portraits before guests began to arrive for the ceremony and kick off the formalities and festivities.

Thanks to an inspiring and well-thought-out design, all the pretty pieces and special touches came together perfectly, from the decadent winter feast inspired menu to the Christmas ornament guestbook tree, to the individual favour gift boxes of shortbread cookies; so many unique elements that will make this day memorable and talked about for years to come.

With the support of our incredible team of vendors, Dina and Christopher were able to be the gracious and delightful hosts of their winter wonderland wedding, and share and shape the traditions of their new family in a celebration worthy to light up the darkest night of the year with the glow of genuine love. 

If you're dreaming of a wedding day merry and bright, no matter what time of year, we're here to make it happen! Say hello and tell me about your wedding vision - I can't wait to meet you and bring a little extra magic to your day!

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