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Photo Courtesy of Wreath & Rose Photography 

Minimal, chic, and monochromatic - if you know me, you know these are words that speak directly to my soul and visual concepts that I love to play with. Add in lots of natural materials and inspiration that comes from food, and we're really in business. This matcha inspired shoot brought the best of all worlds together to create a clean, green and cool inspiration shoot for design-loving modern couples.

Of course a matcha theme was going to involve seeing a lot of green, and we pulled from all shades from the soft, dusky green of the tea powder itself, to the fresh green of verdant leaves to the deep green of the frosted sake bottles.

We were also inspired by the modern, clean lines of both mid-century Scandinavian and modern Japanese design (Muji fans, assemble!) which played a major part in the inspiration as we considered linens, furniture, dishes, and other details. As always, I wanted to play with a variety of textures and tones while keeping everything as a variation on the main theme.

For floral styles, the inspiration was a combination of loose and free draping greenery, like the experience of standing on the underside of a trailing floral tree; and the gentle structure of a minimalist and simply elegant ikebana inspired arrangements that really showcase the beauty of less-is-more in a formal arrangement. 

From a fashion perspective, I knew we would want something equally sleek and chic for both model's looks, and already had the perfect designer in mind for purposeful minimal bridal fashion.

See the full inspiration on our Pinterest page!

We chose Summerset Studio for the incredible diffused natural light in the space, the variety of zones and finishes, and the bright white walls. An added bonus was the included furnishings which were perfect for the vibe of the shoot, including sleek wooden dining chairs.

The design proposal evolved as we built our roster of vendors; bringing in fresh green stationary, hand-made paper vow books, matcha-inspired desserts, green and gold rings, soft minimal floral jewelry, and two original bridal ensembles from Paris-to-Toronto designer Aurelia Huang. 

For tablescape details, I sought out linen fabrics, wood, ceramic, clay, and lots of texture to add interest amongst the limited colour palette and convey a simple richness within the design.

Sometimes as the planner you have to go above and beyond to make sure the details are just right - when our photographer really wanted pavolvas as a dessert for display and we couldn't find a vendor, I took it upon myself to make a batch the night before to make sure we had them - anything for your art, right?

Photos Courtesy of Wreath and Rose Photography

As it is with all shoots, the day always goes by so quickly with the whole team hustling to make magic happen. This was one of the largest teams of collaborators we'd worked with and while not all of them could be onsite, the energy of the full team was in the room throughout the day.

Our floral vendor DeNovo nailed the brief and created a wild and free greenery installation, a wild bouquet, and elegant minimalist arrangements that set the tone perfectly. Shades of green, gold, white, cream, and browns came together to create a harmonious blend of minimal magic. 

And of course, matcha took the centre stage in cake, cocktails, madeleines, pavlovas, and more!

Is sleek and chic the vibe you're craving for your wedding? Let us help you see the possibilities within a streamlined design and palette. Tell us how you'd like to put a fresh modern take on your wedding and we'll pull out all the stops to make it happen!

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