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Vivid & Vogue is a wedding planning company serving Toronto, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs.


You may feel like you’re in the dark about planning your wedding. Let me help you come into the light! When you hire an expert, you don’t need to be an expert. You may not have the time or energy to explore every option in meticulous detail - that’s where I come in. Now more than ever, the guidance of a planner takes the pressure of doing it all and managing all of the moving parts out of your hands and those of your partner, friends, and family. 


Whether you need help with design, venue and vendor selection, contract review, timeline building, wedding day execution, or all of the above, I’ve got the skills and experience to support your unique plans and vision. I can’t wait to hear about how I can give you an incredible celebration!


You’re a real couple, and I’m here to help you create a wedding that represents who you really are, and what you really care about. 


We’ll talk about what you love about weddings and direct our focus to those priorities. Whether you have traditions you love or want to throw convention out of the window, we want to celebrate the real you. I'll never push something on you just because it’s “always been done”.

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I’ve been part of hundreds of celebrations and worked in every corner of the events world - planning, design, venue management, and floral design. So I know what makes a great vendor and how much every single member of your support squad matters.


I know the right questions to ask to set you up for success every step of the way. My time in the field will save you from having to worry about not knowing what to ask for, or what it should cost - I’ve done it, and I'm on it.

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Love knows no limits, and I’m proud to celebrate the love stories of couples of all cultures, faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities. 


You may be celebrating your marriage by embracing time-honoured traditions, or creating all new ones. I’m committed to telling your love story in whatever way feels right to you.

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Your wedding planning experience should be a joyful one, with a planner who brings enthusiasm and passion to every step of the planning process - someone who is as obsessed with your wedding as you are!


We will excitedly share ideas, plans, and laughter, and you can bet that while you’re saying your vows, I’ll be epically failing at holding back happy tears in the background.

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I make it a habit to stay on top of everything - emails, phone calls, calendars, checklists, due dates, trends, all of it. I’ll keep things on track and keep in close touch so you always know what’s done and what’s next.


Connected also means knowing a lot of great people, and getting you the best team to bring your wedding to life, in line with your vision and expectations - talented and professional artists ready to make something special just for you, and even better than you imagined.

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My trademark move is to be thorough AF. I’ll start with an overview of your needs and then go deeper, asking lots of questions to make sure I understand what you want, and break it all down so you know exactly what you’re getting. You won’t have to worry that you didn’t ask the right questions  or overlooked a critical detail.


Your wedding day timeline will provide a minute-by-minute prompt for every key member of the celebration and be customized to each vendor or recipient so no one has to wonder what’s coming up next.

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It goes without saying you want your wedding to be beautiful, even breathtaking - a day to remember forever and an experience your guests won’t stop raving about! Wedding design tells a story from the time the guests receive their invitation to the last dance of the evening, and every detail needs to fit together as seamlessly as you and your partner.


More than just colour schemes and linen choices, I’ll transform your ideas into a refined design proposal that covers every detail and determines which vendors we’ll bring on to deliver the vision. On the wedding day, my skilled hands will style all of the gorgeous details that deserve to be front and centre.

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There for You

You’ll never be alone in this. Through times of stress, anxiety, confusion, or decision fatigue, I’ll be there to keep you calm, offer words of encouragement, and nudge you in the right direction. 


I’ll be there at every meeting, or give you a checklist of things to consider for anything you may choose to tackle yourselves. My team will also run the rehearsal and be the point of contact for all vendors leading up to and on the wedding day, so you’ll get to relax and focus on enjoying yourself, free of stress and ready to celebrate!

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Let’s talk budgets. I know you’ve got one, and I also know how to best tailor it to meet your personal wedding goals and priorities. I’ll set you up with vendors who will give you the best service within the amount you are comfortable spending, and share tips for considerations on where to save and where to splurge.


The investment in a planner is a value you quickly see when you have the guidance of an expert. Our proactive approach will help ensure every dollar you spend is spent wisely.

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Whether you’re looking for all-in support, prefer to do the planning yourself but want someone to expertly run the day, or are just overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, my range of service offers options for every couple and budget. 


Click below to review packages and services. Not sure which is right for you? Let’s grab a coffee over Zoom and tell me more - I’ll happily review the options with you to see which is the best fit.

Check out packages here!


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