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Tara & Troy

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A detail shot of bridal shoes, loose flowers, and a wedding invitation.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Tudin Photography

Tara and Troy were already at an advantage when it came to planning their wedding - Tara herself is an experienced and talented event planner and wedding coordinator for a popular downtown Toronto venue. They wanted to escape the city, however, and have a beautiful, simple, joyful celebration at nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake - and get extra support to help keep them on track while balancing their own busy lives and careers.

With a focus on fun, friends, family, and embracing the natural beauty of their chosen location, we created a wedding day where laughter and love were the key ingredients, and everything else was beautiful icing on the cake.

We started with the palette - the couple wanted a mix of soft and romantic creams and pinks - with a little hot pink for a touch of late summer drama, and accents of navy for that classic and elegant feeling.

Since the ceremony was going to be in a gorgeous, functional vineyard, they leaned into the lush greenery and vines of the space and chose to have their ceremony altar facing the vines, using an existing arch from the venue. To make this their own, I proposed adding a simple greenery garland to the arch that we could repurpose for the king's table for the reception to get extra mileage out of an otherwise expensive decor item.

For reception, we chose to go with a classic round arrangement in a low bowl, that wouldn't block views around the table so that lively conversation could take place, and pepper in some simple votive and block candles for ambient and romantic lighting as the sun set behind them.

The couple chose different shades of navy for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen's outfits so the floral arrangements could really pop while keeping everything timeless.

See the full mood board and more inspiration on our Pinterest page

We jumped into planning with selection and confirmation of vendors, which was a breeze when between you and the bride, you know all the best vendors to consider! Even when you're experienced working as a venue coordinator, there's a huge difference between what a venue coordinator and wedding planner does, and Tara knew that - trusting me to know the right questions to ask for both their benefit AND what the venue would need to know so I could create a plan that worked well for everyone.

In addition to planning, I had the pleasure of designing and creating the floral arrangements for the wedding which made bringing the full design together all the easier - choosing stationary to compliment the flowers and vice versa based on our initial concept and modifications based on the mock ups of both!

During our planning and design site visits to the venue, I was able to conceptualize what we were planning in the context of the space - even when the venue went through a minor refresh during the planning process and changed the dining room's colour palette unexpectedly, we were able to easily adapt and adjust to the new design and ensure that the vision still fit without any major changes.

Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Tudin Photography 

The wedding day was as bright and sunny as Tara and Troy's genuine smiles - these two are the nicest people and that was so honestly reflected in the people who came out to celebrate with them and the warmth and laughter that filled the room all night. The bright colours of their flowers, along with the classic palette they chose, was the perfect blend of their personalities reflected in design, and we added lots of fun special touches like the chocolate covered oreos (the bride's go-to desert to bring to parties became her own favours!) and the quirky cake topper to bring a fun twist to an otherwise more traditional style.

I've never laughed as much as I have at the couple's emcee, who was one of the groom's closest friends who brought a comedy-club level of humour to the dinner speech announcements while still keeping everything in excellent taste. It was only one example of how we got to help Tara and Troy enjoy their wedding day to the fullest, surrounded by the support and joy of those closest to them.

Want to spend your wedding day full of love and laughter? We want that for you too! Say hi and let's share some giggles over coffee while we discuss how we can give you the most joyful day imaginable!

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