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Tropical Modern Editorial

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Kiin_wedding_photography_toronto_life_vivid_and_vogue_magnolia_studios-111 copy.JPG

Photo Courtesy of Magnolia Studios

This editorial was entirely inspired by the space in which it was shot - a gorgeous little downtown Thai restaurant in the heart of the city. I first discovered Kiin during a wedding industry night and fell in love with the space and the food - it was a perfect mixture of classic and modern and had so many exciting visual touches, from the marble hexagon floors to the variety of wood finishes to the touches of gold to the stunning cocktails and bites of food that really represented the concept of eating first with your eyes. During a time that intimate restaurant receptions were really starting to become popular, I wanted to celebrate this space with a design that complimented its natural style and excite couples looking for intimate wedding inspiration.

Playing off the colours present in the space, which were largely shades of grey, brown, blush, green, and gold, I wanted to bring in a lot of bright and lush natural greenery with just a touch of colour to keep everything feeling really fresh and contemporary and to keep the feeling of a tropical modern paradise in the heart of a busy city, just steps away from the street.

In addition to the greenery and soft blush and white, I wanted to bring in some black for a little bit more edge and to continue to bring in the urban twist that the space was already so well suited for. 

I also loved the idea of the golden "fringe" effect to add a little bit of visual interest and have a bit of fun with an otherwise very sleek design, and gold was the metallic tone of choice throughout the details of the shoot.

For the bridal model, I imagined a very sleek and minimalist hair and makeup style that was effortlessly elegant, the way I imagined the type of client who would choose to host a cool and classy restaurant wedding in an amazing location like this one. For the groom's look, I imagined a lot of texture and specifically a linen look that would also look incredible in a tropical climate.

See the full inspiration on our Pinterest page!

I found this incredible wooden screen on the side of the road and knew I wanted to make it a part of the shoot - the shapes of the wood cutouts reminded me of a mid-century look that was also a little bit international. Knowing I could hide the missing pieces with the greenery pieces I was planning to attach to it, it became the focal point for a small vignette display.

In gathering rentals and planning the overall aesthetic, I wanted to start with a black, grey, and nude palette. I soured a nude tablecloth, grey clay chargers and plates, and textured black napkins and black cutlery for a little modern edge. We then softened the look with textured gold vases filled with deep green tropical leaves and tropical blooms in shades of white, cream, blush, and deep pink. 

To add a little extra pattern, we also chose menus and place cards with a watercolour style background in white, green, black, and gold that celebrated the delicious Thai food and beverages that the restaurant is known for.

Photos Courtesy of Magnolia Studios

We took advantage of the time we had to create a few different table set ups, with and without linens, to demonstrate a few different reception table looks. One of the advantages to an intimate wedding and a venue with great existing furniture is that you can choose to save or splurge on these type of personal touches as you've already got a really strong foundation for your design, however simple or elaborate you may wish it to be.

We were also really happy to highlight Kiin's existing and exciting menu options - both gorgeous cocktails and equally gorgeous food. One other really incredible advantage of booking a restaurant reception is that the food is readily available to try in advance and you'll already know if you'll love it, especially if you're choosing your favourite restaurant or cuisine for your wedding day. 

Whether you've already got the perfect place in mind for your intimate restaurant reception or want to know all the hidden and cool gems that pull off an amazing wedding, I want to help you celebrate the way you want. Tell us about your favourite food and why you love the idea of using a restaurant for your celebration and we'll be happy to sample the best the city has to offer with you to help you make the most delicious choice!

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